Chitrakala Painting Competition Lights up Kohli & Sons on Teachers’ Day 2023


Dear art enthusiasts and patrons of creativity,

On the auspicious occasion of Teachers’ Day 2023, Kohli & Sons was delighted to host the “Chitrakala Painting Competition” for children, spreading colors and cheer throughout our premises. This exciting event brought together young talents from across the region to showcase their artistic skills and celebrate the spirit of learning.

With our commitment to nurturing young talents and fostering creativity, we organized this painting competition to give children a platform to express their imagination and gratitude towards their teachers. The response we received was overwhelming, with countless Kids artists eagerly participating in the event.

Lizza Das Emerges as the Shining Star

After hours of intense creativity and countless strokes of the brush, one young artist stood out from the rest. We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the “Chitrakala Painting Competition” is none other than the incredibly talented Lizza Das. Her artwork not only captured the essence of Teachers’ Day but also reflected her boundless creativity and passion for art.

A Special Reward for Lizza Das

As a token of our appreciation for her outstanding talent and dedication, Lizza Das has been awarded a brand-new bicycle. We believe that this gift will not only serve as a reward for her artistic excellence but also encourage her to continue pursuing her passion for art

Rewards and Recognition for All Participants

At Kohli & Sons, we believe that every participant is a winner. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that all children who participated in the “Chitrakala Painting Competition” will receive compensation prizes as a gesture of our appreciation. We want to celebrate the effort, enthusiasm, and creativity that each child brought to the event.

A Day Filled with Art and Inspiration

The “Chitrakala Painting Competition” was not just about competition; it was a day filled with art, inspiration, and joy. The young artists, along with their parents and teachers, created a vibrant and encouraging atmosphere. It was heartwarming to witness the bond between teachers and students, as well as the dedication of young artists to express their gratitude through their artwork.

A Heartfelt Thanks

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the participants, parents, and teachers who made this event a grand success. Your support and enthusiasm inspire us to continue our efforts to promote art and creativity among our youth.

At Kohli & Sons, we are committed to fostering a culture of creativity and learning. The “Chitrakala Painting Competition” on Teachers’ Day 2023 was a step towards this vision. We hope that this event has inspired the children to continue exploring their artistic talents and that it has strengthened the bond between teachers and students.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and initiatives at Kohli & Sons. We look forward to bringing more opportunities for young talents to shine and express themselves.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and once again, congratulations to our winner, Lizza Das!


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